1979 Jeep Cj Jeep Cj5 “restored” V8 Motor Ps Pb Tilt Show & Go Ready See Video For Sale $0.00


1979 Jeep Cj Jeep Cj5 "restored" V8 Motor Ps Pb Tilt Show & Go Ready See Video

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Current Price: $5200.00 | Bid $5300.00 Now! | # of Bids: 22
End Time: 2017-03-11T01:07:40.000Z

| Located in Postal Code: 89149

For Sale, One of the nicest looking and over the top sanitary classic CJ5 you will ever see driving the roadways today.  A California CJ5 with same titled owner for the past 30 years. This Jeep was in storage with many other classic vehicles for about 8 years. Then it started a two year on going restoration to make it the finished Jeep you see today.  (It's finished and turn key ready to drive and enjoy) This classic CJ was built to be reliable, drive nice, handle nice, shift nice, stop nice, and must look super nice! ( Not a trailer queen that lives on a trailer.)  With that said if this Jeep was any cleaner or nicer you would not want to drive at risk of getting it dirty! Only driven on nice weather days and comes with new Bikini shade top, new 1/2 doors and new wind jammer that installs on roll bar behind driver area making it a little 1/2 cab looking Jeep.  SEE PHOTOS & VIDEO.  They all remove for nice open air summer fun driving. Jeep is a 1979 fitted with all it's original running gear, everything in it, on it and under it has been repaired or rebuilt to make it as reliable as a new car. Almost every thing inside the cab and outside on body was installed new out of the box. Jeep looks better today than the day it was sold new SEE PHOTOS! All the body metal is original to this Jeep and is not dented up and very rust free! Original frame and floor pans also look outstanding SEE PHOTOS. Jeep was painted two years ago when the on going restoration was started. Painted in the classic color of HEMI Sub Lime Green . This paint color "pops in the sunlight" SEE VIDEO and "people love the color of this Jeep". Not your every day red or white Jeep. ( This paint color demands respect )  Paint was just again color sanded and buffed to nice high gloss finish  - SEE PHOTOS. Not a national show Jeep - But I bet it's one of the nicest looking Jeep CJ you will ever see driving on the roadways in your town. I have owned many CJ over the years and this Jeep ranks at the top of my list. Great Jeep to take to your local car shows or show and shines if that's your thing. " My wife call it garage art " It's also a great Jeep to drive everyday because it's very reliable and fun to drive. It will even take you on the fun off road adventures as you see fit. The 1979 CJ  is the good factory boxed frame Jeep ."Not the early open frame Jeep". This 79 is also still fitted with it's factory V8 motor, factory power steering and factory power disc brake. "Not a after market conversion"  So it rides and drives today as good of better than the day it was sold new 38 years ago. A mild 2 inch suspension spring lift was added to fit the 31 tall tires under it with out tire rub and give it a nicer body stance. I have gone over every inch of this Jeep and have serviced and adjusted repaired or replaced anything in question. ( It need's nothing) I can't find anything more to do to it! . SEE VIDEO FOR MORE DETAILS. A custom rear hatch lid was also made for Jeep to keep cargo locked and safe inside. You can also remove the hatch door on rear if you want to install a rear seat for passengers. The motor runs perfect, runs 180 deg water temp and 60 lb oil pressure. No leaks, no rattles, no oil smoke burn. Great power and performance and runs like it just came out of the box. The manual transmission shifts and downs shifts very nice also SEE VIDEO.  Nice power disc brakes that stop straight and on a dime and the factory e brakes even works.  Nice steering, no road wonder, No lane drift, No free play or steering slop. *You drive this Jeep ( Not it drive you - like most older ones do). SEE DRIVING VIDEO!  Jeep is garaged in Las Vegas Nevada, buyers welcome to inspect in person if really think needed. I will also post a long 25 min long Walk around and Driving Video for all Out of State buyers who can't view it or drive it in person. To remove any risk the buyer may have. It is everything I say it is and it's super nice!  SEE ALL 24 LARGE PHOTOS and the 25 MIN VIDEO for closer up detailed view. The factory original Vin Plate and Vin number on Jeep as it should be. Clear / Clean California title to buyer when Paid in Full. Seller will hold Jeep in locked garage until buyer can pick up in person or have Jeep picked up by transport truck. If you need to check on transport cost my zip code is 89149 Las Vegas. This Jeep will also be FOR SALE outside of Ebay and seller can end and remove this auction listing early at any time. ( If Jeep sold outside of E Bay) . *If you're reading this listing the Jeep is still for sale so BID to Own or pick up the phone and ask any question you may have. Call Seller anytime at 702-592-2181. easy guy to work with and I have a 10 years perfect rating on Ebay selling other classic vehicles I have owned.  ***  Enjoy all Photos and VIDEO. ***  I priced this Jeep well under the retail Value most sellers would ask for a Jeep of this build quality. BID TO OWN.

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1979 Jeep Cj Jeep Cj5 "restored" V8 Motor Ps Pb Tilt Show & Go Ready See Video

Check out this great Jeep CJ5 listing

Current Price: $5200.00 | Bid $5300.00 Now! | # of Bids: 22
End Time: 2017-03-11T01:07:40.000Z | Located in Postal Code: 89149

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Bid $5300.00 Now!

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