Jeep : Cj 1976 Cj 5 For Sale $10500.00

Jeep : Cj 1976 Cj 5

Check out this great Jeep CJ5 listing!

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End Time: 2015-08-07T07:28:56.000Z

| Located in Postal Code: 37807

The Jeep was completely rebuilt for my son but it's just to much jeep for him. We have put 1000 miles on the engine. I have included all the work that was done during the rebuild.Wiring Harness   Carburetor Kit/Holley 4-bbl    Battery Tray/New     Distributor/New High perf. GM Style HEI   Starter Solenoid  Battery Cables     Spark Plugs       Plug Wires       Radiator, performance aluminum Radiator Hoses        Hood Hinges (new)    Original Dash Indicator Lights    Radiator hose clamp set     Check/Deposit  Dash Board       Gauge Cluster/New  Oil Press/Volt Gauge new oem  Used steering column brackets    Headers/ Black coated                Clutch Linkage Kit      New Clutch Set    Engine Gasket set  Manifold Valley Pan      Rocker Arm Kit       Comp Cams Valve Locks     New oil pan      Oil pump Kit       Engine paint/Ruby red ceramic  New Chrome Valve Covers    Reman water pump     New fuel pump      Alt. Belt/Dayco       Pwr. Strg Belt/Dayco    Bypass Hose       Pwr. Strg. Press. Hose    Pwr. Strg. Return Hose      Temp. Sending unit     Stant Thermostat     Stant Rad. Cap/ Safety Lever   Lug Nuts/ 23    Accelerator pedal Assm/Used    Accelerator Cable/ New      Camshaft and lifters/New     Dipstick and tubeOil pump HousingClutch Fork Boot     Oil Pump Pickup Tube  Timing Chain and Gear set    Cam Bearings       .040 piston rings     Crank/rod Bearings set .010     Check 8010  Machine Shop- Crankshaft, clean, polish and Mic  Assembly lube, break-in additive, silicone sealer  Machine work: Cylinder heads, clean,valve job Machine Shop work: Engine block cam brgs/clean/hone Auto Zone:  Balancer repair sleeve, Freeze Plugs Auto Zone: Frame Paint, Oil,  Auto Zone: Oil Filter, PCV valve, Vacuum Line Chrome air cleaner  Auto Zone Paint: Engine Parts and Interior paint  Oil Pressure Sending Unit   Chrome oil cap, plug wire dividers, valve cover Bolts, Distributor connectorsVoltage regulator, regulator connector, Ignition switch   Dimmer switch connector, headlight sockets, horn relay Shifter Boot, boot ring, steering column bezel          Flywheel ring gear    Check 1028   Machine Shop, Resurface flywheel and replace ring gear Carb Fuel Fittings    Power Steering Pump, rebuilt    4 U-Joints 2 front/2 rear Moog # 369 Used Headlight Buckets, brackets   Dash switch, exhaust pipes, fuel filter  Used Defroster Duct    Used Heater box with core and motor  2 Mufflers/Flow tech red hots   Power Steering Fluid, fuel line and clamps  Parking Brake Cables (3)/ Pedal Pads (2)  Electric 16" radiator Fan/Fan control relay      Parking Brake Pedal/actuator & Drivers Side Seat   Slider (USED)Reman Starter Remy     Used Heater Control Cables (full set)  Deposit Check 10/07/2014   Rear Brake hose for lifted jeeps         Firewall seals for steering/heater assy.       New Front Turn signal light assy. Pair.      Used Grill support Rods         New Headlight Retaining Rings      Anti Freeze 2 gallons           Grant Steering Wheel         Power Brake Booster/Master cylinder/Actuator      Brackets and linkage kit, all new not rebuilt.Exhaust pipes, side exit pair            Transfer shifter Knob, Speedometer cable, Transfer    Case Mount105 Amp alternator, reman Delco.     Transfer case output shaft seal + nut      Headlight Bezels (new)                                                             Brake light switch, dimmer switch, Steering    Shaft Boot KitGlove Box Liner                             Steering Wheel Adaptor, with horn kit.      Master cylinder brake line adapters      Shift Knob. "8" ball for shifter       Jeep Passenger side seat mount, used       Jeep Booster firewall boot       Jeep brake components, wheel cylinders, hoses      Steering stabilizer, hardware kit, fittingsJeep under dash, dash board wiring harness, used with      Connectors and light socketsJeep Rear Tail Light assemblies, New     Check Deposit-10/30/2014    Jeep dash components     Paint, Brake parts cleaner.    Heater switch, windshield wiper switch, knobs,  Light switch knob, switch bezels and nuts (new)Firewall seal for brake booster (new)   New, Black Denim High back bucket seats  Mirrors New and 2 tie rod ends    Driver's Seat bracket (Used)    Glove Box door (new)     Flex hose/windshield frame plug    Transfer case seal kit/ turn signal switch assembly and connector kit.side marker light assemblies (4) + light sockets   With harness.Glove box latch, button, and cable assy.,   Shifter adapter      Check 11/08/14       Alternator connector Gm/CS130   Hood hardware kit, latches, vent grill, windshield tie Downs, windshield hinges,  all bolts, screws in black2 Gallons gear oil, brake lines and fittings for rear And transmissions     Glove box Bumpers     Windshield frame to cowl seal and   Windshield surround sealBlack Wiper arms pair/new    New wiper motor     New wiper Motor cover and mount, Black    New Black Wiper Blades    Auto Zone: Chassis Frame paint, body hardware  Heater hose, clamps, and more hose clamps  Parking brake components    Parking Brake Lever, rear, Drivers, new   Brake cleaner, wire looms    Windshield wiper linkage, clips, plug   4 a/t tires new, 31 x 10.50 x 15 all terrain  4 fender Flares, OEM size and style New  front Brake shoes, Springs, electrical hardware    Auto Zone, brake fluid, line clips elec. Connectors Fuel Tank Filler and vent Hose, New   Passenger Seat Slider, Mounting plates, Used  H4 Headlight conversion Kit w/ glass Bulbs  Fuel Tank Sending Unit Kit   Hood Safety Catch/Latch Used    Fuel Line, Front Brake Shoes, adjusters   Mounting clamps, Fuse link wireStainless grab bar, Rugged ridge    Edelbrock  Kit, manifold heater    Hose fitting. $15 Gasoline      New 600 cfm Holley Carb    Valve cover hold downs     Paint Job/Body Work     Credit, edelbrock Choke Kit Refund       Windshield + Labor       Speedometer gear, transfer caseRoll Bar paint, headlight adjuster, gas capNew soft top cover

Jeep : Cj 1976 Cj 5

Check out this great Jeep CJ5 listing

Current Price: $10500.00 | Bid $0.00 Now! | # of Bids: 0
End Time: 2015-08-07T07:28:56.000Z | Located in Postal Code: 37807

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