Jeep: Cj Cj 1968 Jeep Cj 5 For Sale $0.00

Jeep: Cj Cj 1968 Jeep Cj 5

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| Located in Postal Code: 48165

1968 Jeep CJ-5

Original Dauntless 225ci V6

3 speed manual trans

Fiberglass tub and fenders


     Up for auction is my 1968 Jeep cj. Ive owned this jeep for nearly 4 years and my interests are now in muscle cars and hot rods. Purchased nearly 4 years ago for $8800, this jeep ran great and looked even better. The dauntless V6 is plenty motor and loved by people worldwide. Ill start out by getting the bad out of the way, and then get to the good.  I would consider this to be a much better than average project jeep. As stated, ive owned it for a few years and when purchased it ran like a top. Unfortunately, after only putting several hundred miles on it there was a minor mishap. While stopped at a gas station my passenger decided to open the hood and take a peek at the motor however failed to latch the hood upon closing it. That said, we were on a road trip and once back on the express way the hood lifted. Luckily it didn't rip the mounting hardware off the glass tub, but the metal hood was then ran over by the car behind me and turned to scrap. I proceeded to hunt on craigslist and found an original 1968 cj 5 hood, picked it up and took it to the body shop for blasting and paint. When I got the hood back and attempted to mount it, it didn't exactly fit as it should have and was slightly warped from 40+ years of setting who knows where. So I just set the hood on it and parked the jeep. I anticipated and had intentions of ordering a brand new glass hood and having it painted to match and install, but life got in the way and the jeep kinda got pushed to the bottom of the list of things to do. Then it sat for nearly 3 years and now here we are. 

     Now, after all that....the good you ask? Well, the good is that a new hood is cheap. $300-$500 will get you your choice of glass or steel and that's really the biggest thing the jeep needs. The tub and fenders are in EXCELLENT condition with no rotting and the paint still looks great. I had a local interested in buying it so I put in a new fuel pump, filter, changed the oil, drained the old gas, and replaced a section of fuel line for him to come hear it run and take it for a drive but he never showed up. The motor fires right up and will idle nicely (it runs way better than I ever imagined an old car could after sitting for years). The battery will need replaced however. The frame is in great shape and has no rust on it. This jeep would make a great toy and be tons of fun for someone who didn't want to do a ton of work (other than basics of greasing and changing/checking all the fluids from sitting) or would be and EXCELLENT start for someone who wanted a jeep to stuff a 350 chevy into. Again, the frame is solid as a rock which is important given that they are known to rust especially in the rear tire areas. The tub is great (new ones run about $3500 not including fenders) and the fenders are great. The seats are only slightly sun faded and have no tears or rips. Even without a drivetrain, it would cost thousands of dollars in parts alone to get the tub, fenders, seats, glass, and chassis. Not to mention paint. I do still have the hood mounting hardware also.  Im well aware that I will not get back the $8800 + tax I paid for the jeep, but I also know that with the chassis and tub condition there is value here. Id be more than happy to show the jeep in person and let anyone hear it run. The posted photos are recent and unedited.

       I am listing as a real NO RESERVE auction, and if the car doesn't sell prior to the auction close it will go to the highest bidder.  With that being said, I reserve the right to cancel the listing at any time given the vehicle sells outside of this auction. I am not a dealer, the car is sold where is and as is with no warranty expressed or implied. I would be more than happy to meet with any potential bidders who would like to see and inspect the car in person.

     SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY!!! Please, do not bid if you don't have the funds or permission slips from your spouse. These auctions take time to set up, and do cost money! Ebay doesn't refund sellers when a buyer doesn't pay. I kindly ask all bidders with under 10 feedback to contact me prior to bidding. Failure to do so will result in being blocked from the auction. International bidders are more than welcome, however I will not be able to assist is arranging shipping out of country but I will work with the shipping company you hire. That being said, shipping assistance is available to buyers in the lower 48. Any shipping I arrange will be at the expense of the buyer and is to be paid by the buyer to the shipper. I highly recommend Reliable Carriers, I have used them in the past and they treat the cars with care and are extremely professional. Feel free to call their canton Michigan location for a shipping quote, or email me your zip code and I will gladly obtain a quote for you.

Jeep: Cj Cj 1968 Jeep Cj 5

Check out this great Jeep CJ5 listing

Current Price: $1025.00 | Bid $1050.00 Now! | # of Bids: 17
End Time: 2016-06-05T21:30:00.000Z | Located in Postal Code: 48165

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