Jeep : Cj Cj-5 Jeep Cj-5 1977 Rock Crawler With A Rebuilt Chevy 350 Lifted For Sale $10000.00

Jeep : Cj Cj-5 Jeep Cj-5 1977 Rock Crawler With A Rebuilt Chevy 350 Lifted

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Miles: Unknown, but low Note: The number listed under mileage is a GUESS from when the motor was rebuilt.  I do not know the miles, other than very low.  Most of this JEEP is rebuilt, so mileage is meaningless anyway.

Transmission: Manual Interior: Black

Engine: 8 - Cyl. Year: 1977

VIN Number: J7M83AA011142

Title: Clear Exterior: Yellow

Condition: Very good  - There are a few scratches, and a paint flaw on one location.  Overall, this Jeep is in terrific shape compared to others this age.

Fuel Type: Gasoline

1977 CJ5


Freshly professionally rebuilt Chevy 350 engine

Edelbrock performer RPM intake manifold

Edelbrock offroad carb

MSD billet distributor

MSD 6A ignition box

RV cam

Full dual exhaust all the way back (sounds like a muscle



T-18. 4-speed; granny first. Reverse is all the way to the
right and up.

Transfer Case-

T-20. It has the super low granny gear 4-Low


Front- Dana 44 with ARB air locker (narrowed chevy 1/2 ton
axle) Disk Brakes

Rear- Dana 44 with ARB air locker (international scout) Drum

It is geared very low. It can do highways, but only about


35" Pro-Comp Mud Terrains (kevlar sidewall) with plenty
of life left in them.

17" steel rims, 5 on 5.5 bolt pattern all around. (no
mis-matched bolt pattern from

different axles, as often seen)

Some of the pictures might show chrome rims, those are the
old rims... they are gone.  The rims are black.


A spring over lift (the PROPER way) with 5 leaf
Crown Automotive leaf

springs with an extra lifter leaf for stiffness. This has
kept axle wrap to an absolute

minimum. He moved the front axle all the way forward to gain
more wheelbase. He also

did a shackle reversal on the front so it doesn't "nose
dive" into corners. It ramps

over 1000 on the RTI (without cheating!).


Super straight. Excellent condition.  Great professional paint job.

The rear corners are Poison Spyder crusher

corners. The paint is Sherwin Williams

"planet color" paint (expensive)

The color is a custom color "stinger yellow". It
has a midcoat of microscopic ground

prisms and mirrors so it shimmers like a boss in the sun but
disappears in the shade

and it isn't grainy or splotchy.

Soft top-

Brand new Best Top Super Top. Immaculate, no yellowing of
windows or anything

else bad. Also included is a bikini top.


Recent black carpet (better looking than rhino
lining). Under the carpet is

a thick coat of 3M undercoating. New high back seats in the
front. The rear seat is in

good condition and looks great after he re-dyed the vinyl.
Tuffy steel lockable center

console. Custom dash and all new aftermarket auto meter
gauges. I also re-dyed the

dash pad. Full roll cage.

 Emissions - DR2365 Complete 
Passed emissions.  Fully street
legal in Denver.

 Stereo - CD/MP3/iPhone compatible system with subwoofer, powerful amp,  low boxed speakers.

Commentary from the Mechanical who built it:

First up, the axles-

            Stock, from
the factory, this Jeep came with a Dana 35 front end and a Dana 20 rear end.
For the record, the Dana/Spicer corporation was a 3rd party company that
provided axles to the big three (ford, chevy, chrysler). Both of these axles
are pretty weak, and really show their weakness once you fit larger tires and
try 4wheeling them (as I found out with my Jeep). To the surprise of many,
Jeeps are the most expensive of the 4wheel dives to "soup up". They
usually came with weak axles from the factory. I used my deployment money to
invest in stronger axles that will handle 35 inch tires. These axles are called
Dana 44's. Specifically the rear end came out of an International scout (I kept
the stock width from the scout, wider... but not too wide). The front end came
out of a 1/2 ton Chevy truck. I had that axle narrowed to match the rear. They
are heavy duty axles that are VERY common, so finding replacement parts (if you
ever need them) will be easy to find and cheap to replace.


Second, The suspension-

            The easiest
way to test the ability of a truly 4wheel drive suspension is through something
called the ramp travel index (RTI). This involves a ramp at 30 degrees that you
drive up on with one wheel. The point of this test is to see how far you can
drive up the scale (on one wheel) flexing out the suspension. You drive up the
ramp until one of the other wheels lift, then you back down until it touches
and measure. The holy grail of a number is a perfect 1000.  A stock Jeep Rubicon can ramp a 750 on the
scale. I use the Rubicon as an example because I highly respect the offroad
capabilities of this jeep. A well modified Jeep should be able to hit 870 -
920. This CJ5 hits a solid 1044 on the scale. Yes. That's right. Above the holy
grail. I know how to spend my money when it comes to 4wheel drives. Next time
you are over we will crawl under the Jeep and I will show you piece by piece
how I set up this Jeep to accomplish this. Including what a shackle reversal
means and why you don't really need sway bars in this Jeep.

 Last but certainly not least, the air lockers-

            Ask any
true 4wheeler what the best upgrade to a 4wheel drive is and they will tell you
it's locking differentials. The best way to explain what these do is by
explaining how a stock "open" differential works. If you have ever
seen a car or truck stuck in the mud/snow you will notice that while the
"stuck" tire just twitches the tire with less load just spins in
place. This is because of how vehicles are designed from the factory. Vehicles
(cars and trucks) have to travel around corners on pavement. When a vehicle
with four wheels has to travel around a 
corner, the outside wheels have to travel around a bigger radius than
the inner tires. This means the outside tires have to make more revolutions
than the inner tire. An open differential allows this to happen. What an
airlocker does is lock the two tires (side to side, on the same axle) so that
they rotate at %100 the same speed. This is awesome for 4wheeling but bad on
the street. I bought and had installed something called "selectable"
lockers. They are the ABSOLUTE top of the line lockers from a company by the
name of ARB. They are an Australian company who makes the best selectable
lockers on the market. They are the most expensive/best lockers money can buy
(my second deployment money). They work by sending air though a hose down to
the differentials to engage the lockers. The best part is you can turn them off
for driving on the street. Below I have included links to youtube videos that
explain how airlockers work. Coupled with the top-notch suspension and
bullet-proof axles, you can quickly see why this Jeep is so capable.


Jeep : Cj Cj-5 Jeep Cj-5 1977 Rock Crawler With A Rebuilt Chevy 350 Lifted

Check out this great Jeep CJ5 listing

Current Price: $7500.00 | Bid $7500.00 Now! | # of Bids: 0
End Time: 2012-05-16T22:12:57.000Z | Located in Postal Code: 80439

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