Jeep : Cj Cj5 1972 Cj5 Jeep — V8 For Sale $7000.00

Jeep : Cj Cj5 1972 Cj5 Jeep -- V8

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Current Price: $585.00 | Bid $595.00 Now! | # of Bids: 3
End Time: 2011-09-07T01:24:54.000Z

| Located in Postal Code: 74075

Please look at all the pics. If you have questions or doubts, please ask before bidding.

This is A killer 1972 CJ5 Jeep.

I am sick to my stomach because I don't want to sell it. I love it that much.

The outside is John Deer Green. Paint is in good shape. Some scratches. The inside is the same green on dash on it has a rino type black lining in the floor.

It is a 304 V8 monster. Runs great and has a lot of power.

Has 3 speed transmission and 4x4 works.

The engine has unkown miles. The guy I bought it from said he had replaced the clutch. He said the engine had been rebuilt, but no way to prove it. The engine runs very good. Very amazing power considering the size tires on it.

The speedometer was disconected when I bought it. The seller had put a tachometer on it and went by that because of the oversize tires.

I found a used speedometer, but it does not work either. I ran a new cable.

The tires are TSL Bogger 33x14-15lt Super Swampers. Not worn at all (see pic) The tires alone are like $300 a tire new.

Extra lights on front and back.

It has new battery, temp gauge, (on left dash), new oil pressure gauge, (on left dash). Oil has been changed, new oil also in transmission and transfer case. New gas gauge inside the speedometer. The gas gauge did not work, but seems to be working fine now.


It does have typical wear and tear.

I will list all problems that I know of.

Speedometer doesn't work.  Has small power steering leak. (I have yet put any power steering fluid in it, since I bought it a while back, so it is a small leak.

It leaks a little oil from oil pan seal. I put a new seal on it and it almost stopped it all. 

Very small leak from transfer case bottom seal. I also replaced this seal, but it still leaks a tiny bit.

I built a tire holder for the back since it did not have one. It works great and can carry 2 jerry cans that will come with the jeep. The problem is the pins are hard to get out to open it. This is do to all the weight of the large spare. You might have a better design if you buy it, or you can take it off, or you could buy a new one. The pins are also a tight fit, which makes them hard to get out, but alows it to handle the weight.

It only has a bikini top.

Spare tire is not new and worn, but is same height and will get you to where you need--if needed.

Overall this is a wonderful jeep. Very hard to find one this age in this good of shape. I have put tons of pics. Please refer to the pics for anything not mentioned. If you still have questions, please ask.

I am not trying to get rid of this because of problems, but because I need the money right now. There is a reserve to protect me, but it is very low. My loss is your gain.

This is for LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. If you buy it, it is your responsibility to get it where you need it. So if your shipping it, Your paying for it. I will work with you it whatever way I can.

The tittle is clear.

On Aug-30-11 at 18:54:43 PDT, seller added the following information:


Forgot to add that the battery strap that holds the battery is gone. I have been using a bungie and it works fine.

Also you can see in one of the engine pics a radiator overflow container on the passenger side. This is from a newer model jeep, and I added it to keep my dogs safe. The overflow

hose ran straight down before and drained below the radiator. You can remove it if you don't like the way it looks with a couple of screws.


Jeep : Cj Cj5 1972 Cj5 Jeep -- V8

Check out this great Jeep CJ5 listing

Current Price: $585.00 | Bid $595.00 Now! | # of Bids: 3
End Time: 2011-09-07T01:24:54.000Z | Located in Postal Code: 74075

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