Jeep : Cj Cj5 1974 Jeep Cj5 Cj 5 Trail Ready 18k Original Miles For Sale $0.00

Jeep : Cj Cj5 1974 Jeep Cj5 Cj 5 Trail Ready 18k Original Miles

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1974 Jeep CJ5

Fully capable and custom built

This is my 1974 Jeep CJ5. I built this jeep from its original form to ride trails and use on one to two weeks excursions. I have owned this jeep since 2003. I purchased it from the original owing family with 15245 original miles. This jeep was purchased by the original owner in Memphis TN and driven to Wynn AR the day of purchase.  The next day it was equipped with a set of buckshot mud terrain tires from Gateway Tire. This was the only modification the original owners made. This was the base model so it had no rear seat, no roll bars and basically a blanket as a top. They used it during the duck hunting seasons as a means of transportation from their home to the duck blind, approximately 1.75 miles, and back from 1974-1997. The original owner passed away that year and left the jeep to his son. It sat at his son’s home driven only about 200 miles from 1997-2003, when he decided to sell it. I was the lucky buyer.

The first thing I did was rebuilt the dash because the dash lighting did not work and the gauges were rusty. I have since put 3563 miles on the new speedometer for a grand total of 18808 miles.  When I purchased it, there was a layer of pine tree sap that pretty well covered the entire body. The Jeep looked black although it was gold. It took many hours to remove the sap but what I found was that it preserved the integrity of the body. There was absolutely no rust but the amount of force I had to use to remove the sap caused some edges and lettering to lose the paint finish as you can see form the pictures. All in all the jeep body is in good condition. It does not have any rust but does have a few dents and small chips from use as you can see in the photos. The Jeep does need a new windshield. The current windshield has three cracked areas and is “fogged” across the bottom edge. I believe it is the original windshield. The Jeep runs awesome and performs better. I have used this jeep in the applications I described above but it has not been abused. I drive it to work about once a month on the hwy running about 60 miles per hours. It runs rides and handles very well and all features work properly. Although it is not a show room piece, it is a good looking well thought out product. I have worked on this jeep for the past 7 years to get it to the state it is in now. You will not easily find a more functional, well documented jeep.  

                In 2005 I began a full tear down of the jeep electrically and mechanically. This Jeep started out with an AMC 232 straight six, single barrel carb, T14 3 speed transmission, Dana 20 transfer case, Dana 30 front end with full time locked hubs, Dana 44 rear end, and single pin shackles on the springs. A functional setup but very weak from a reliability application as I needed for my use. I had done my research and worked on many vehicles in the past so I knew what I wanted and could do to get the product I needed. I have listed each specification of the Jeep with the items and improvements I made below. They are not in order of installation but I do have receipts, manuals and paperwork to prove each item. I kept a three ring binder of all the research I did and paper work I accrued during this process.  The one addition I have not installed is a power steering set up. I purchased a used setup with the intension of rebuilding it and installing but never got to the point where I needed it. This setup comes with the Jeep.  As I stated before, you will not easily find a more functional, well documented Jeep than this one. Please review the list and look at the pictures. Let me know if you have any question or need more information.

1974 Jeep CJ5 Specifications

Under the hood is a 232 straight six with 4160 Holley carburetor with an Offenhauser intake and Hedman headers.  It has a K&N air filter, Holley “Red” electric fuel pump, HEI distributor with 8mm wires and a DB Electric 200 amp single wire alternator. There is a three row radiator, Painless Wiring Dual Battery Isolator kit with dash mounted toggle, Dual Red Top Optima batteries, primary and slave and a 250 amp charging system fuse.  Also under the hood there are urethane engine and transmission mounts, Under Hood Tuffy Storage Box and vented Billet transmission, transfer case and differential ports at the top of firewall.

Spider Rocker Sliders bolt through body to full roll cage. The Roll cage I built from 2 inch 11 gauge steel tubing. There’s a fire extinguisher, 4 cup holders and 2 handle straps.

The tires are 33 x 10.5 R15 BFG MT Tires X 5.

2 Hella 500 FF Driving Lamps are located on the front bumper switched on dash above steering column. They are equipped with clear clip on rock protectors.

2 Hella 500 FF Fog Lamps are located on the front of roof rack switched on dash above steering column. They are equipped with clear clip on rock protectors.

1 Hella 500 Fog Lamp is located at the rear in the center of spare tire switched on dash above steering column.

2 Hella 550 Fog Lamps are located on the rear of roof rack switched with the Hella 500 Fog on rear spare tire.

1 Hella 500 Flood lamp is located under the body on the inside of the passenger side frame above the bottom of the frame. This light is not wired in at this point. I have not been able to finish this addition because of recent time constraints.

A Wilderness roof rack with supports I built is attached on the lower windshield and rear body quarters. This Roof rack supports two full grown men and two person cot tent (Approximately 500lbs).

The Roof rack is fitted with axe, shovel, 5 gallon fresh water Jerry tank and corded cargo web.

The Front and rear bumper I built out of 11 gauge steel tubing. Both attach to frame with 6 grade 8 bolts.

Rear bumper has 2 tow hook loops welded through the bumper frame. Two tow hooks included. It also has swing away feature. It holds two 5 gallon Jerry Cans for fuel. One Jerry Can top has been converted to allow an air line to hook to it and pump the fuel out so the can does not have to be removed. The top can be switched between the two cans. 10psi will empty the 5 gallon can in around 1 minute. The rear carrier is also equipped with a High Lift jack mounted on the top of the carrier frame.

Front bumper has 2 tow hook loops welded through the bumper frame. Two tow hooks Included. The guard is mounted at about a 75 degree angle to allow clearance of brush from the winch rollers. There is a Warn 8000lbs winch with roller fairlead, remote and cover.

The rear cargo area is made up of a Tuffy lockable storage box. Atop the box is a quick release seat mount for a removable third seat that stores in the box. There is a lap belt attached to the box top as well. This seat is not designed for an adult but a child under the height of 5 feet due to head clearance. There are also footman loops mounts to the top of the box for cargo tie down.

Inside the Tuffy box, there is an ARB Compressor mounted, switched on the dash, which feeds a two gallon air tank mounted in similar fashion. There are 3 air outlets on the tank. 2 of these out lets are none regulated and will supply the max air pressure of the ARB Compressor. The third is a regulated outlet for use on things like the Jerry Can fuel refill system. There is a water blow off valve mounted in the tank on the bottom side. Under the air tank is mounted a 6 inch Bazooka subwoofer.

The console is a Tuffy 8 inch center console. Mounted in the console is a Pioneer DEH-P6500 Stereo. It runs two Sony 6 inch waterproof speakers on each side of the doors opening at the floor and two 6x9 Sony waterproof speakers mounted inside Tuffy speaker boxes behind the two front seats. It also drives the Bazooka subwoofer mounted in the rear Tuffy box. The stereo is XM ready and has an iPod or MP3 player auxiliary cable installed.

Mounted on the front of the Tuffy center console is a Radio Shack TRC-520 CB radio with weather band and compass. The antenna for the CB is mounted on top of the driver side rear wheel well.

The two front seats are Steel Horse black vinyl. They recline and are probably the most comfortable seats I have ever sat in. They are equipped with RJS Racing equipment 4 port harnesses with one button release.

There is a Tuffy glove box mounted in the dash with an original Jeep AMC badge on the face.

The dash has the following gauges, switches, etc.: Passenger side grab bar, 2 D cell Mag Light mounted on bottom edge of the dash, Advanced Adapter windshield supports, T-18 and Dana 20 transmission and transfer case shift pattern decal, Volt meter, Oil pressure meter, Clinometers both yawl and pitch, Speedometer with fuels and water temp gauges, Amp meter, Painless battery isolator toggle switch and light indicators with settings for: primary, primary and secondary with ignition power, primary and secondary without ignition power, ignition key, Dummy choke knob (does nothing as the choke is automatic on the Holley carb), Three illuminated green switches for the three Hella light setups, Wiper control knob with push action for windshield sprayers, Main running and head light knob, ARB compressor switch for compressor in rear Tuffy Box and Tachometer. On the bottom of the dash are the vent system controls which are a basic heater and outside air system with two speed fan. It will blow at the floor level or in a defrost mode. The steering wheel is an original replacement and the column has the side mounted turn signal indicators with hazard pull switch.

The Jeep comes with three different tops all Best Top brand. Is has a bimini solid vinyl top, it has a bimini vented mesh top and it has a full vinyl cabin top with full vinyl doors for winter use. The doors separate in the middle to form half vinyl doors. All tops are in excellent shape with not tears or issues. They all fit the Jeep very will and are less than 5 years old. The full cabin top has only been on the jeep five times since I purchased it in 2005. The Jeep is pictured with the vented mesh bimini top installed.

The body bushings have all been replaced with Energy Suspension polyurethane. Most of the body mounting bolts were replaced during this process. The interior of the body tub has been coated with Line-X up and over the top end of the door openings.

The suspension on the jeep is made up of a Superlift 4” suspension kit, front shackle reversal kit and Old Man Emu shock system. The ride is good for a short wheel based jeep. The articulation is very good for trail riding applications.

The front differential is a Dana 30. I rebuilt the entire axle and install new U Joints, shafts, bearings and seals. I also install a PowerTrax no slip locking differential. The lock out hubs are Mile Marker lock outs.  The front end also has been equipped with a disc brake 2 piston conversion kit and steel braided brake lines. The differential pumpkin is protected by RockCrusher housing.

The rear differential is a Dana 44. I rebuilt the entire axle to include new bearing and seals. The axles are one piece axles and are connected to a PowerTrax no slip locking differential. The rear has a steel braided brake line. The differential pumpkin is protected by a RockCrusher housing.

The transmission is a rebuilt Ford T-18, the perfect transmission because of its low gear range and durability. The gear ratios are as follows: 1st 6.32:1                2nd 3.09:1             3rd 1.69:1              4th 1:1. The first gear is not synchronized and has not been used in everyday driving. The second gear ratio is the same as the original T-14 transmission first gear so I always start in second unless in an off road application.  You must be stopped to put the jeep in first gear. There is a PTO port on the side of the transmission. The transmission shifter is equipped with a hand throttle mounted next to the Jeep shift knob. This allows the driver to engage the clutch and throttle while holding the brake if on an incline or in a tight spot. This setup is connected to the engine with a Center Force I clutch and pressure plate system. On the other end of the transmission is a rebuilt Dana 20 transfer case connected to the T-18 with a Novak conversion kit. I replace the gearing setup in this case with the TeraFlex Low Range Dana 20 kit. The gear ratios are as follows: High Range 1:1            Low Range 3.15:1. The original low range was 2.03:1. Needless to say, when in low range this jeep barely crawls. The Dana 20 is also equipped with a twin stick shifting system which allows the transfer case to be shifted into low range and high range in both two wheel drive and four wheel drive.

The drive shafts were replaced with Tom Woods custom built shafts. The shafts were made to order using the space and angles that the transmission and transfer case allowed. The rear shaft has a CV joint at the transfer case because of the high angle of exit. These drive shafts are indestructible.

The gas tank was replaced with a 10 gallon Polyurethane tank. It is mounted with support strap and is also cushioned with high density foam balls between the skid plate and tank. The fuel pick up unit and filter were replaced with the tank.

All the black painted surfaces on the jeep are done with DuPont Vulcan Black powder coating. It has a rating of 1000 salt spray hours so rust is not an issue.

I believe I have listed most of the items done to this Jeep. Please let me know if you have any questions or need more photos. You can rest assured that you will not be disappointed with this Jeep. I have put some of my best efforts into it and as they say, the proof is in the pudding. There is not another Jeep like it I can be contacted at 901-301-8291 or by using the contact link in this listing.

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Jeep : Cj Cj5 1974 Jeep Cj5 Cj 5 Trail Ready 18k Original Miles

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