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Jeep : Cj

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 VERY RARE 1979 SILVER ANNIVERSARY CJ5. Don't let the color fool you! This is a real 1979 CJ5 Silver Anniversary Edition Jeep Renegade. At some point in it's life somebody decided it would look good green, but the original color was silver with custom striping and Renegade lettering on the hood. It still wears the silver color under the hood.This Jeep is very solid, and is from the dry southwest. There is little to no rust on the body. There are some very minor dings here and there, but nothing major. The interior has the original seats, but the front seats are pretty rough, especially the passengers seat, and would need recovered. The back seat is in great shape. It still has the center console in decent condition. The dash was painted green as well. The glove box still wears the special Silver Anniversary badge, but it is in pretty bad shape. Factory Tach and Clock. The clock doesn't work. May be something simple to fix, but I haven't messed with it.The engine runs very well. No smoke or strange noises. It has a 304 V8 and 4 speed standard transmission. Headers and dual exhaust, and an Edelbrock Performer 4 barrel intake manifold and brand new 600cfm Edelbrock carburetor. Headers are beginning to rust a bit and will probably need replaced pretty soon. 4wd system works great. The rear end contains heavy duty axles and Powertrax lockers. The front hubs have been changed from stock to a set of Mile Marker hubs. The bumpers are the rock crawler type, and not original. Heavy duty driveline and steering box for reliability on the trails. Rollbar has been modified and now attaches to windshield frame, adding more safety in the event of a rollover. Was done nicely and looks almost factory. It will make putting the windshield down difficult, but not impossible.  Tires have a lot of tread left. The spare is brand new and has never been on the ground. This Jeep is very fun to drive and gets lots of compliments. It could be driven as is, or restored back to the original color and preserved for the collectors value it contains. I was planning on doing just that, but my plans have changed. Feel free to do some research for yourself on the Silver Anniversary Edition Jeep CJ5. Nobody seems to know how many were actually produced, but it is believed to be less than 1000.  Some claim there are less than 50 believed to still be in existence today. If that's really the case, here is one of them in great condition.Your chance to own one of the most sought after and rare collector Jeeps made! Don't let this one get away!Good Luck and Happy Bidding!

Jeep : Cj

Check out this great Jeep CJ5 listing

Current Price: $1525.00 | Bid $1550.00 Now! | # of Bids: 9
End Time: 2012-04-03T02:11:14.000Z | Located in Postal Code: 81326

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