Jeep : Cj N/a 1977 Jeep Cj 5 W Snow Plow T 1249660 For Sale $0.00

Jeep : Cj N/a 1977 Jeep Cj 5 W Snow Plow T 1249660

Check out this great Jeep CJ5 listing!

Current Price: $895.00 | Bid $905.00 Now! | # of Bids: 1
End Time: 2015-05-05T01:06:01.000Z

| Located in Postal Code: 54961

mileage shows 15,112 based on 5 digit
odometer. Vehicle is in excess of mechanical limits exempt from mileage
disclosure as vehicle is 10 or more years old. Clear WI title with no
title brands.


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Rawhide-Sales guarantees the accuracy of the item description and
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Buyer will be given the opportunity to inspect the item to make sure it is as

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Paying the deposit within 72 hours.

Paying the remaining balance in full within 14 days.

Telling us your payment status and intended pick up date within
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If the Buyer fails to contact Rawhide-Sales and submit initial
deposit payment, or if final balance payment is not made within the specified
terms, Seller reserves the right to:

Cancel the sale and/or contact the next highest bidder(s) to
complete the sale, and/or

Re-list the item without further recourse owed to the first
bidder in default of these terms.

Sales Tax:


Per the state of Wisconsin,
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Schedule time for pick up

Arrive within business hours, before 3:00

Confirm condition of the item including
road worthiness for transport

Secure your item with your own tie straps

Hook up item to your transporting vehicle

Have proper ball, hitch, and towing

Legally transport your item

Have tools, supplies and parts to work on
item if needed. Rawhide does not provide tools.

Remove the item within 14 days of
purchase. A storage fee will be assessed after 14 days for any
item not removed.

o   Storage fee 15 – 45 days: $5.00 per day

Storage fee over 45 days: $10.00 per



Loading Assistance Hourly Rates:

will be charged according to the rates below. Rates listed are per hour for
each individual assistant. Rawhide does not offer retail repairs on any unit
after the sale. Rawhide
will not secure loads or be held responsible for any damage
during loading.

hour or less .................................. $35.00

During business hours (8:00 am - 4:30 pm)
Hourly rate per person........................$55.00
Hourly rate with heavy equipment ....... $65.00

AFTER business hours
Hourly rate per person........................$82.00
Hourly rate with heavy equipment ....... $97.00

terms and Conditions


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Jeep : Cj N/a 1977 Jeep Cj 5 W Snow Plow T 1249660

Check out this great Jeep CJ5 listing

Current Price: $895.00 | Bid $905.00 Now! | # of Bids: 1
End Time: 2015-05-05T01:06:01.000Z | Located in Postal Code: 54961

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Bid $905.00 Now!

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