Jeep : Cj Willys All Custom 1957 Jeep Willy’s Cj5 375 Hp 327 V-8 Powered 4 Speed 4×4 “the Beast” For Sale $0.00

Jeep : Cj Willys All Custom 1957 Jeep Willy's Cj5 375 Hp 327 V-8 Powered 4 Speed 4x4 "the Beast"

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My wife is a well known real estate broker in L.A that deal's in estate sales and probates. Her co-worker's and many other broker's know that I have a passion for restoring original owner classic vehicles of the 50's and 60's era. So they know to call me first. My hobby is to restore and put them back on the road again. I only buy straight solid preserved original owner vehicles with a file from it's past and receipt's from the original owner/purchaser.

This (Special) 1957 jeep sitting in a barn in Acton Ca.was an exception. The elderly gentlemen (not the original owner) who built it to my understanding owned it since the mid 60's. Unfortunatly he passed before we could meet so not much history or a file on the jeep other than what I did to it. And it looked nothing like it does now when I brought it home.

The body and the skid plate are the only two thing's I didn't touch. The body I beleive was originaly green and probably painted in the late 70's or early 80's I'm guessing. I kept it the way it was with all it's bumps and brusies since that give's it character and show's it's age. The skid plate underneath showed sign's of off roading rock damages but everything was in place and tight with only cosmetic damage to the plate and the reason I did nothing there is it was custom fabricated so I felt no need to disturb it since I was'nt restoring a show car, and knowing it would still serve it's purpose to protect the transfer case and transmision if ever off roaded I left it alone.

I have completed this Monster jeep and a whole summer flew by and I had no time to enjoy it because I am so over whelmed work every day. So it just sit's in my warehouse collecting dust along with my other cars.

The one thing I did not put back on is the custom rear (second) gas tank that I removed so I can replace it with a new one was on back order but I have the part #. Bolts on with three bolt's and the gauge is there and ready to be hooked up. The second is the glove compartment box (still have). Third the tow bar (still have). I also had an extra set of the same custom offset rear rim's made to put sand paddle tires on which I thought would look real nice strapped to the tub in place of the back seat when needed. All will be included in sale.

The jeep is Super fun and reliable. Street legal, has current registration. I have driven it roughly 500 (long and short distance) miles since it was compleated over a year ago so everything is still consided new . If I had the time and was able to handle a four hour loud and stiff ride.. I would not hesatate to drive this jeep to Las Vegas. That's what I mean by reliable. 

 It is a conversation starter and get's alot of attention, Look's like a toy with Too much horsepower, Too much torque and sound's like two Harley motorcycles riding side by side when you open up the those secondaires.

 I did'nt want to say this on E-bay.... But the last time I took it out with a friend...I told myself if one more person pull's up and say's "That's One Bad Ass Jeep"  I will. It's a One of a kind Custom Super Fast and Powerful four wheel drive Hot Rod.

              Another word's... you can smoke the tires off with ease... And I mean All FOUR 33 inch tires....That's why I called it "The Beast".

Rebuilt 1965 327 V-8 Corvette Stingray engine with camel hump head's 4 barrel Rochester Q-jet carb and intake 375 hp 350 tq, custom fabricated headers with glasspack mufflers. Rebuilt radiator, refurbished gas tank, new water pump, new thermostat, new electronic distributor, new coil, new plugs, new wires, new valve covers, new air fillter new ect..ect.. Sm 420 4speed manual transmision with granny gear, T18 transfer case, Dana 30 with new locking hubs and new bearings up front, Dana 44 with new bearings rear. New wheel cylinders, new master cylinder, new brake shoes, Has a four inch Rancho suspention lift, new shackle's, new bushing's, new body bushings and shock's, all six rim's were custom ordered with special offsets for front and rear with 33 inch mud tires ect..ect..              

Everything inside is new and custom too. Tub is Herculined, new windsheild and seal, new mini side mirror's, diamond plate body gaurd's, reclining seats, tilt wheel, custom real wood trim, matching steering wheel, new gauges, new bikini top, new fender flares, new H4 (blue) head lights with new bezel's, new LED turn and tail light's ect..ect.. plus more that I will probably remember later.                                       

                                                                                           So to wrap thing's up...

I was offered thirteen thousand cash (on the hood, last pic) form a friend who bugged me for month's to buy it wanted to suprise his eighteen year old son with it on his birthday. And I refused. Why you ask...?     

Like I said before, and what I told him... It may look like a toy but it's NOT. The car did'nt come out of the factory with a vette engine.. All that power + lightweight + hieght + leaf spring's + 4x4 + drum brakes  in the hand's of an 18 year old boy can = DISASTER . (He changed his mind after one ride).                                     

I would perfer to see it go to a mature and experienced driver that will respect and enjoy it. I have no problem with it not selling. 

Sad to say I am a workohalic so I only have time in the late evening's to respond to question's.. Thanks for understanding. Happy bidding.                                                       

Jeep : Cj Willys All Custom 1957 Jeep Willy's Cj5 375 Hp 327 V-8 Powered 4 Speed 4x4 "the Beast"

Check out this great Jeep CJ5 listing

Current Price: $7100.00 | Bid $7200.00 Now! | # of Bids: 16
End Time: 2011-09-27T02:34:33.000Z | Located in Postal Code: 91505

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